My ultimate goal is to capture the most meaningful parts of the day in the most beautiful way. Honesty and authenticity are key with me. I also understand that people need direction in order to feel comfortable. I always talk my couples through the process. I ask questions, I have you play silly games, I encourage meaningful interaction. The goal is to make you forget the camera and just focus on one another. Because that is what this is all about.

If you are reading this I assume that you are looking for creative, non-traditional wedding photographer. You likely want someone who focuses on the candid moments instead of forcing you into poses. You want someone with tons of experience so you can relax and let them take the lead. And you want someone who loves what they do because that passion will be expressed artistically in your photos. 

Capturing that beautiful, honest connection

  • You will be treated as my friend, not just my client
  • You won't have to worry about keeping everyone on schedule at the wedding - I take care of that - and I also create the timeline for you
  • I will treat your wedding as if it were my own. And I capture all the images that I would want myself.
  • I will maintain a positive and cheerful attitude, even in times of stress. My motto is "Make it work" and I always do. Just ask my past couples!

What you can expect while working with me...

The Experience

the different options:

always included..

full day weddings

My full day wedding packages begin at 5 hours and include myself and another photographer. The most popular package is 7 hours of coverage + 2 photographers starting at $3500

To add an engagement session to a full day wedding package it is $400. To book a session by itself, without a wedding package, it is $500.

Some couples need less than 5 hours of coverage and I offer this for $500/hour.

*Each photo you receive is individually edited and hi-resolution*
*Full printing & sharing rights to your images*
*Private online gallery for your images*
*As much help & advice that you need! As well as a custom wedding day photo timeline that I create for you*

with any full day wedding, micro wedding, or engagement session -

engagement session

micro weddings or reception only

Our Story

  • you are madly in love and you want that emotional connection documented honestly through photos
  • you value the art of photography and want someone to capture the day effectively and creatively 
  • you think you look bad in photos and you need a friendly, funny, and upbeat photographer to guide you through the process

I am a good fit for you if...

"She captured moments of the day that felt intimate - smiles across the room, little hand squeezes, hugging your best friend before walking down the aisle, and everything in between. Her photos tell the story of the day and I am so thankful for all of the candid joy she captured. Looking through our wedding gallery felt like reliving the day. We could not be happier."

-meghan + cody

How long have you been photographing weddings?

17 years! I shot my very first wedding in September 2007. I was a nervous wreck! Since then I have photographed nearly 300 weddings! My business evolved into family photography when my wedding couples started having children! 

wedding faq

How many images will I get from my wedding?

I don’t deliver a “set” number of images. It really just depends on the day - how large your wedding party is, how many guests you have, how long I am there. For an 8 hour day I typically deliver no less than 700 hi-resolution, edited images. We photograph everything!

Frequently asked questions

How far in advance do you book weddings?

Most of my weddings are booked at least 1 year in advance. Sometimes 18 months in advance. So the earlier you contact me, the better! 


Do you help with the wedding day timeline?

Absolutely. Prior to your wedding I will send you a questionnaire filled with questions about the day. I will use your answers to create the photography timeline for the day. I also create the family portrait list so you don’t have to! I find out as much as I can about your family dynamics so that I am fully prepared. It helps so much if I know who will be there, who won’t, if you have siblings, if your grandparents will be there, etc. I need to know your history so I can focus on what is most important to you.


What happens if it is pouring rain on my wedding day?

There are a few covered locations (free of charge) in St Louis that we can use in case of rain. These locations, though, are hot spots for all photographers and they are usually crowded on a rainy Saturday. I prefer to utilize any indoor locations that we already have access to. For example, you may not think your reception venue will work for fun wedding party photos but we will get creative and we will make it work. I’ve had weddings where it has literally rained every minute of the day and we have still come out of it with awesome pictures. If this is a huge concern of yours, let’s talk about it more, and come up with a plan. 


Do you mind if we bring our dog to the engagement session?

Not at all! I love animals. Normally when couples choose to include their dog, they have a “helper” that comes with and takes the dog home once we have gotten enough pictures with him/her. Some people even bring their dog to the wedding day pictures, which is super sweet.


How many locations do you recommend for wedding days? Engagement session?

Personally, I like to choose 1 solid location and make the most of it. I feel like this puts everyone at ease because we won’t need to travel around and we can keep the focus on why we are taking pictures in the first place: to document your relationship in a meaningful way. But if you have your heart set on 2 locations, we will make it happen. I’m pretty laid back, I promise. 


I want to book my wedding with you! What is the next step?

A signed contract (which can be done online) and a deposit to save your wedding date! 


let's chat!


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