Lauren + Jake’s St Louis Quarantine Style Ceremony

In coronavirus times, you have to get creative with your marriage plans. Some couples choose to postpone everything until 2021. And some choose to have a small ceremony and save the party for a later date. Lauren and Jake were forced to cancel their big wedding scheduled for May 30, 2020. But they did not want to wait to get legally married. So they rescheduled for 2021 and planned an intimate ceremony on their original date. It was beautiful. It took place at the old abandoned church in Grand Center (which is now off limits to the public as they are preparing it to become a community park). In order to comply with the social distancing rules, the attendants were limited to parents and siblings only. It was an emotional day but it definitely didn’t carry with it the stresses of a normal wedding day. Afterward they took their family to their future home, which was actually under construction. They showed them the progress that has been made on the house that THEY designed themselves (they are both architects)! It was so impressive and I loved hearing them talk so passionately about the design. All in all, it was a wonderful day. I definitely won’t forget it. And I look forward to the big party next year! Lauren’s bouquet and Jake’s boutonniere courtesy of the amazing Flowers & Weeds.

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